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We are welcoming passionate Individuals, Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist & Organization to invest in our company and be part of our successful journey & Growth.

Our mission is to create an interest-based social media networking platform for the users to explore new connections, experience wide range of contents, communicate & discuss based on their interests with privacy.

By raising capital of 3 crores INR in 2018, we successfully launched Tripalive.Me Technology Private Limited's Social Media sector, whose estimated valuation is 30 crore INR in 2019. We will revalue our company based on market terms in 2023 and publish the Estimation Value on our website.

Thanking Note for Previous Investors!

We are taking this platform as an opportunity to thank our previous investors who trusted, invested, and supported our exponential growth what we achieved today.

Brand Ambassador

Thank Indian sportsperson and Volleyball Player Miss. Disha Ghosh for your meritorious service as our First brand ambassador.

Thank actress and entrepreneur Mrs. Pranitha Subhash for your meritorious service as our brand ambassador.

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